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What's new about version 8.03?

Over the past several years, new features have been incrementally incorporated into REMSAD through several versions of the model. The current version, 8.03, includes all of the features listed below:


  V 7.10:

     -Expanded to 17 congeners of dioxin

     -Added nitrogen tagging

     -Added sulfur tagging

     -Updated temperature dependence for SOA partitioning

     -Revised treatment of wet surfaces in dry deposition

     -Removed certain ammonia specific treatments in dry deposition


V 7.11:

     -Added species VOCB to account for products of ISOP and TERP

      reactions separately from emitted VOC.


V 7.12:

     -Added capability to save deposition broken out by land use type

     -Added re-emission treatment for mercury

     -Revised time stepping procedure in mercury chemistry


V 8.00:

     -Implemented CB-V chemical mechanism as an optional alternative to microCB

     -Updated mercury chemistry rates based on recent literature, including addition

      of gas phase reaction of elemental mercury with OH radical

     -Revised fine grid calls to cloud mixing and wetdep routines to use coarse grid

      values directly rather than interpolated values.


V 8.01:

     -Revised cloud mixing routine to improve mass consistency


V 8.02:

     -Added tagging capability for dioxin species

     -Added mechanism for lead with tagging capability


V 8.03:

     -Revised vertical transport routine to improve mass consistency

Specific questions about either of these issues can be directed to Tom Myers.

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