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The ptsrce1.13 program is provided to assist users in utilizing the tagging features of the forthcoming REMSAD v7.10. The ptsrce1.13 program compresses some emissions records reducing the overall size of the PTSOURCE files.

Source code is provided for the ptsrce1.13 program and the filutil and utility libraries. Makefiles are provided for Compaq (DEC) Alpha systems (Make1.13) and Linux systems (Make1.13.linux). Note that the compile options -convert big_endian -switch fe_ioworst for the Alpha and -Mbyteswapio for the Linux systems are make byte order on binary files compatible with IBM, Sun, SGI, and other workstations running Unix-like operating systems. These options should not be used unless other processing of model files also used these options.

Operation of ptsrce1.13 is the same as earlier versions of the ptsrce program except that the user can select an option to enable the compression. In order to enable compression, the 10th flag (the 4th flag on the second line of flags) in the CONTROL packet should be set greater than 0. The compressed record format can be used only with REMSAD version 7.10 or later.

Please direct any quations about this utility to Tom Myers.

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